Vision and mission

Our history

Since we were founded in 1981 as a sole proprietorship and transformed into “Compnet GmbH” in 1997, we have continuously developed and have now established a company in the areas of electronics and IT.

Our strengths lie in the extensive experience and expertise we have built up in these areas. We pride ourselves on offering innovative technology solutions and providing outstanding electronics and IT services.

In 2007, we achieved a milestone in the technology industry with the development of the first intelligent camera system called “TheSmartFox”.

This groundbreaking innovation underlines our commitment to advanced solutions and our role as pioneers in the industry.

In the last two years we have expanded our portfolio and specialized in high-quality battery solutions for households, businesses and recreational vehicles, e.g. campers/motorhomes, golf carts. This expansion in the energy sector is a testament to our ability to adapt to changing market requirements and develop innovative solutions.

The company’s long history, our expertise in electronics and IT, and our recent foray into batteries make us a versatile and future-oriented player in the market.

At Compnet our motto is “Safe into the future”. Discover how we can help you with yours

Can support electronics, IT and battery requirements. Welcome to “Compnet

GmbH” – your partner for technical excellence and innovative solutions on the way to a secure future.

Our team

Our values