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Uninterruptible emergency power system

Consisting of the battery and inverter / inverter

Image 1: Power grid
Image 2: Solar system
Day / Night

Graphic representation of the power system (external/internal power, backup power system from Compnet).

Image 3: Electricity consumer

e.g. single-family/multi-family house, pharmacies, laboratory, farm, cooling/freezing systems, bakeries, industrial companies

Image 4: Inverter

The inverter (inverter), which is required for the voltage change, is the heart of a photovoltaic system. The direct current generated by a solar system is converted into alternating current for the electricity grid. High-quality inverters are necessary so that they function without interruption even if the external power supplier cuts off the power. Up to 3 inverters can be connected in parallel.

Image 5: Power generator

In the event of a power failure, connected power generators can supply power to the Compnet batteries.

Image 6: Emergency power battery (accumulator)

The heart of Compnet’s emergency power system is a high-quality battery including a battery management system (BMS) for efficient control of the entire system.

Do you have any questions that we can help you with?