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ownCloud – data storage

ownCloud is a secure alternative to cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), Dropbox and Google Drive. Instead of entrusting your own data to third-party providers, it is stored on a server in Switzerland, which acts as cloud storage and can be accessed while on the go. For security, the server can encrypt the files after they have been uploaded so that they can only be viewed or edited using your own password. ownCloud also takes care of synchronization and, for example, keeps addresses or bookmarks at the same level across devices. An integrated editor enables documents to be edited by multiple users, and its syntax highlighting improves the overview of programming tasks. In addition, the program includes a photo gallery function as well as a PDF viewer.

To use ownCloud, you can rent storage space on our server where you can store your data. With the ownCloud software for computer/Mac or the app in the Apple or Android Store, your data is available anywhere and on any device.