Solar based autonomous video surveillance with number recognition,
mobile or fixed, security A-Z – a generational change

The TheSmartFoX video surveillance system can be used as a mobile or fixed surveillance system. The focus is on the functionality, consistency and coordination of the individual components (camera, communication, software, maintenance). In the mobile version, the device is completely autonomous. It does not require electricity or a wired internet connection. If desired, the system can be supplied with an additional infrared spotlight to capture clear images even at night.

In practical use

Monitoring of an access road in the canton of Zurich to a local recreation area. Wireless, solar-based video surveillance system with automatic transmission of images to a central server and recognition of license plates with subsequent automatic comparison of authorized vehicles.

Optional – monitoring via smartphone

You can view and access live images (up to Full HD 1920×1080) and recorded video recordings from the surveillance location using your smartphone at any time. In addition, the system not only triggers the camera’s video recording through integrated image analysis, but also informs and alerts you automatically within seconds via SMS or email. With this immediate alarm notification and direct access to the central web server, you are always informed about all incidents and able to trigger the necessary interventions. Monitoring and alerting can also be carried out directly via a contracted security company.

TheSmartFoX is modular and can be integrated into existing alarm systems or building technology, e.g. for interactive control of other devices and systems.

Areas of application

Mobile and fixed

TheSmartFoX is used wherever sophisticated object monitoring or video image transmission needs to take place. Areas of application include: monitoring of access routes, disposal points, commercial buildings, offices, house entrances, driveways, parking lots, garages, valuable objects, construction sites/containers. TheSmartFoX can be integrated into existing building technology and alarm systems

Security of transmitted images

The cameras can be used so that they only switch on and record when there is effective movement. No matter whether day or night. In impressive image quality, the data is immediately transmitted to the IMM (Inderactive Mobile Monitoring) video server, transcoded and stored on an external web server. Double security: all saved recordings can be kept for as long as required and viewed again later.


Benefits & unique selling points

At a glance:

Video surveillance without data and power cables.

Mobility: the device can be used in different locations and places, e.g. when monitoring disposal points, other access routes, shopping centers, car exhibitions, etc.

Data storage: Additionally, external storage of images/videos on a data center.

Connection of up to 4 cameras per system.

Operating system: Linux.

Security: very high encryption, 2048-BIT. For comparison, the default encryption is 256-BIT.

TheSmartFox is also available to rent.


The TheSmartFoX system consists of one or more high-quality video infrared cameras, an IMM video server, the associated system and application software as well as optional interfaces for controlling additional devices.
You control the video cameras via a user-friendly menu (GUI) via the internet from your PC or smartphone.

TheSmartFox – Mobile

Application via smartphone, tablet (iPad, etc.) – Preconfigured system

SmartFoX mobile is ideal for selective, temporary surveillance operations at any location. The only requirement is mobile network reception G3/G4. Whether for police, security companies, shop owners, authorities, local administrations, real estate management, construction companies, etc., this video surveillance device, equipped with two cameras and its own solar panels, can be installed in a short time and without any technical. Configuration ready for immediate use.

You can conveniently control the video cameras via a user-friendly menu directly from your smartphone or tablet (iPad, Android and Windows tablets). SmartFoX mobile monitors any desired object or group of people 24 hours a day.

In top image quality, the data is immediately transmitted to the IMM (Interactive Mobile Monitoring) video server, transcoded and stored on an external web server in a data center in Zurich. Double security: all images and data are transmitted with a high encryption of 2048 bits (!).

Ideal for temporary, selective monitoring

construction sites
Parking spaces
Meetings, demonstrations
Occasions, festivals
borders, territory
Public facilities


Battery life
5-7 days without sun

Very high security
Images are stored on the video server and the web server (reputable data center in Zurich).

Image data is transmitted using 2048 bit (!) encryption

Access to web server also encrypted (with certificate)

Images are automatically saved for 20 days (adjustable)

Device has GPS localization

Image transmission via the existing mobile network G3 or G4

No installation or device configuration required

Camera infrared night vision

Encryption from A-Z!


TheSmartFox Fix & Mobile

TheSmartFoX | fix

Power cable. Access via Internet via PC or tablet, smartphone.
The video surveillance system is permanently installed, e.g. shopping complex, office building, elevators.

TheSmartFoX | mobile

Solar based. Access via Internet via PC or tablet, smartphone, e.g. for temporary monitoring of access routes, construction sites, construction containers.

The video surveillance system is installed on a mobile device and can be used anywhere.

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Monitoring/protection of property
Control of activities

Areas of application with high utility value

Public areas, e.g. access roads, garbage dumps
Shopping centers, real estate, shops, luxury apartments
Elevators, garages, warehouses, parking spaces, construction sites, shipping ports
other areas worthy of protection

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Use and advantage

Be informed immediately if something happens
Reducing damage by reacting quickly
Avoid false alarms
Vandalism and malicious pollution
Burglary, smoke, fire, water, other movements

Optional: with SMS alarm